Elder Care


One on One care from an experienced caregiver gives people the opportunity to live their best life as they age. Coastal Home Care understands the value home care offers to our clients and the security it brings to their families. We care for each client with the utmost respect and we protect their privacy and dignity.

All care starts with a personal assessment performed by a Coastal Home Care Registered Nurse. A “Plan of Care” is created from this assessment and our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide care under nurses supervision and according the personalized Plan of Care.

What Makes Us Different


Personalized Care & Companionship

Each person’s needs are individual and your personal Plan of Care is specific to you. Depending on how great a person’s needs or wants are, elderly care options may be individualized to match a person’s desired quality of life. Coastal Home Care provides various personalized elderly care services including help with activities of daily living such as showering and grooming, bathroom needs, meal preparation, running errands, and much more.


Privacy is Key

Coastal Home Care nurses, caregivers and staff respect the privacy of our clients. As friends and confidants to our clients and families, our team makes decisions based on our client’s needs and our experience to earn trust, while simultaneously having boundaries to show respect and a non judgmental approach to caring. Recognizing the importance of these are important to create a solid relationship between client and caregiver.


Willingness to Understand

Take a moment and put yourselves in the shoes of an aging person. They may have lived their lives as leaders in their families, in their businesses or in our country. Being on the receiving end of care may be an unfamiliar feeling. Often, our clients begin care begrudgingly. Coastal Home Care understands this. We recognize these very real emotions and we have experience working through them with our clients. Usually the end result is a relationship where clients truly appreciate the help and companionship blossoms.


Dependability & Flexibility

The first rule of home care is reliability and being able to adapt to different situations and schedules. All Coastal Home Care caregivers are closely monitored by our supervising Nurse as well as a dedicated coordinator who is available anytime to help. By allowing a caregiver assist your loved one, you can step back and allow the caregiver to take on some or all of the care responsibilities.As as service, Coastal Home Care provides care when you need it. We have hundreds of Certified Nursing Assistants with different availability, so whether care is needed during the day, in the evenings or on weekends, we have you covered.Doing this does not mean you are abandoning him or her, in fact it gives you the freedom to be the spouse, son, daughter or friend that you have always been without doubling as caretaker. Coastal Home Care employs certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to be caregivers and companions to clients so you can trust us with fulfilling your family member’s needs.

Coastal Home Care


Our professionals help clients in a variety of daily routines from changing clothes, meal preparation, running errands, and more. Many clients receive care for just a few hours each day while others have care around the clock. Either way, we provide professional caregivers to everytime. We also gather constant feedback from our clients, caregivers and nurses to ensure they are getting the most from their experience and that we are doing everything that you expect..

Coastal Home Care will serve your family member with the care services and companionship that we would expect for our our parents or grandparents. Contact us at (866) 687-7307 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you find the best plan for your loved one today.

Taking The Proper Steps To Fight Against COVID-19


All caregivers have taken and completed a COVID-19 training program.


All caregivers will complete a daily health screening process that will be assessed by our clinical teams in real time


Comprehensive health screenings of clients at every clinical touchpoint.


Continual review of companywide policies and procedures based on CDC guidelines.