Caregiver Training


With Coastal Home Care, you can be assured that your loved ones are in good hands. For both short and long-term care, we ensure that our clients receive care from only the most qualified and capable Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants. We seek out only the highest quality people to be caregivers. Before joining Coastal Home Care, caregivers prove their competency through a series of face to face interviews, by meeting our expectations for presentation, communication skills and judgment. Background checks are conducted on all caregivers and each caregiver supervised by a Registered Nurse. After this initial process to become part of the team, those caregivers selected, are invited to a second interview which entails a full day of training and orientation as well as a detailed skills demonstration. They are subjected to questions about their experience, how they would handle difficult situations they may face and are evaluated on their presentation and communication skills. We use consistent feedback from clients to make sure that they are excelling at their work and giving your loved one the best experience possible.