Medication Management

**Not Available in Delaware**


Taking medications as prescribed and on time is extremely important as we age. Many trips to the hospital can be avoided simply by taking your medication on time each day. This is easier said than done, especially when you factor in that someone might have multiple medications needed at different times of day or that the person may have some memory issues or Mild Cognitive Impairment. It is important to be consistent and our care team makes sure that our clients are reminded to take their medications, notice and alert family that it is time to refill or replace their prescription, and speak up if they feel the medication isn’t doing its job.

A Coastal Home Care Registered Nurse can begin Medication Management with a complete reconciliation of all medications. Our Nurse will communicate with all doctors to confirm their prescription and consolidate all of this information with your loved one’s pharmacy. Every week or two, the Registered Nurse will pour the medications into an easily understood pill box for your loved one to use for AM and PM medications. Our nursing assistants (CNAs) can remind your loved one when it is time to take each medication. With an extensive understanding of medication management experience, we strive to make sure your loved one is on schedule with their medication routine.

Our Process


Medication Management and Coordination

Our Registered Nurses help to educate your loved one about the best practices for taking their medications as well as the potential side effects that can take place. Although it can be confusing to differentiate all the medications your loved one may be taking, having the support of a Registered Nurse to rely on will give you peace of mind that your loved ones are taking their medication as prescribed every day. We can develop a medication schedule suited to your loved one's needs and keep track of medication effectiveness.


Medicine Safety

It is important to keep track of your loved one’s prescription and non-prescription medications from the time of day it must be taken to the amount left and expiration dates. In the event of medical emergencies, family members should be able to fill out your loved one’s medical history. In an emergency, it will make it easier for a health care provider to treat and administer medicine to your loved one so that negative reactions do not occur. Coastal Home Care’s Medication Management Service puts this information at your fingertips and may help your loved one stay safe by having this information handy.


Prevent Improper Usage of Medications

When medications are improperly taken, negative symptoms may occur. In many situations, individuals may even be admitted to the hospital. Allowing the Coastal Home Care team of Registered Nurses assist your loved one with organizing and reminders to take medications properly can help prevent the potential for dangerous drug interactions.


Locating Additional Resources

Individuals who are insured, underinsured, or would prefer affordable access to their prescribed medicine, need numerous medication resources to help them see what will work best for their needs. While there are affordable resources available, your loved ones may be unable to find these options on their own. Coastal Home Care can help coordinate and find those medication resources for your loved one to make the process easier.

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