Post-Operative Care


After a surgical procedure, post-operative care can starts immediately to assist you with things around the house that you cannot do for yourself yet. Post-surgical care can take on many different looks. Sometimes it is basic companionship and simple help with tasks, other times it might require more intense help, such as repositioning, sponge baths or help transferring. Whatever the need is, our caregivers can help. Our team frequently works together with skilled nursing care services, physical therapy or wound care providers. Recovery has proven to be faster and more thorough when you have both skilled and private duty help during the healing process.

With Coastal Home Care certified nursing assistants (CNAs), we can better provide for those who require post-operative care. We respect every person and his or her privacy to make life as comfortable as possible.

Our Process


Planning Ahead

Before your loved one’s surgery is even scheduled, it is a good idea to discuss with his or her doctor what type of recovery period and postoperative care they may require. This will give your family time to prepare and a good understanding of what to expect. Often times, things change quickly and care is needed when you thought it was not. Do not hesitate to call us in this situation, Coastal Home Care is the specialist at arranging an exceptional caregiver on short notice if this is the case.


In the Hospital

When surgery is complete, your loved one will probably be transferred to a recovery room. Your loved one may need a few hours to gain consciousness from the anesthesia. Hospital staff records and tracks the patient’s vitals including blood pressure, breathing, temperature, and pulse. In addition to that, they will check for any signs of bleeding, infections, and allergic reactions. Coastal Home Care services can be there advocating for you, helping you stay calm and comforted and getting prompt response from hospital staff. As soon as your loved one is stable, they will be taken into a different hospital room to await discharge home.


Home Care

After leaving the hospital following the doctor’s directions are a must. Your loved one will need to take prescribed medicines on time and, most importantly, rest. There will most likely be a follow up appointment schedule for a few days after the procedure is completed. Coastal Home Care services include monitoring incision sites, medication reminders, meal preparation, help with physical activities as well as transfers to help your loved one through the recovery process. Our certified nursing assistants (CNAs) will also be able to provide transportation support for follow-up appointments.


After surgery, it is important to reduce the risk of complications by preparing post-operative care for your loved one, and Coastal Home Care nursing assistants (CNAs) are happy to help. Our team retains a thorough understanding of the recovery process and will provide your loved one with the best post-operative experience. Nursing aides will also give efficient post-operative assistance so your loved one can have a speedy recovery.

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